KIDS – So you think the Bible is boring? THINK AGAIN!

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You may know lots of friendly Bible tales about animals, angels and the baby Jesus – but that’s only half the story. These books are full of the blood, guts and miraculous mayhem that other children’s Bible stories are afraid to mention.



Beastly Bible Stories – a must for every school library

The Bible contains a whole library of stories – they are dramatic, disgusting, wonderful or downright weird, but never dull. There are eight books to collect in the Beastly Bible Stories series - The Tremendous Old Testament and The Terrific New Testament - all illustrated with eye-popping cartoons. If you know children who go for the grisly stuff, they’ll love Beastly Bible Stories  – all the gore and more!



Illustrations © Tim Benton

Wake up your Sunday School with Beastly Bible Stories

“Should we really tell children about all the guts and gore in the Bible?”

YES! The Bible is full of blood and guts whether we like it or not, and children want to know the whole story. Beastly Bible Stories will help children who are wondering about God to answer big questions such as: why is gory Good Friday “good”? What’s so special about Jesus?

Beastly Bible Stories will tell children all they need to know (and are not afraid to ask) about blood and sacrifice in the Old Testament and the gore and wonder of the Easter story. In Beastly Bible Stories – the Tremendous Old Testamentchildren will meet God’s movers and shakers, such as super-strong Samson, battle-winning King David and Moses the freedom fighter. Compared to these Old Testament heroes, Jesus and his gospel of love are radically new. In Beastly Bible Stories Jesus is fresh and exciting – he’s the surprising Saviour, star of The Terrific New Testament.

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The Beastly Bible Stories Ultimate RE Programme for Primary Schools

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What did Noah write in his Ship’s Log? How tall was Goliath? How smelly were Jesus’ feet? This lively, curriculum-linked RE programme teaches children about the Bible and Christianity through the study of Beastly Bible Stories. Each book features:




            • A clear and straightforward focus on specific learning objectives and outcomes
            • Complete lesson plans, including a helpful cover sheet with lesson overview and outline, timings and resources list
            • The full text of each Beastly Bible Story
            • CD-ROM with vivid Beastly Bible Stories cartoons in full colour, plus printable resources
            • Varied and imaginative curriculum-linked activitiesBuy Now

Beastly Bible Stories School Events

I can visit your school for a day and lead a Beastly Bible Stories School Event, whichBBS event for website includes:

      • A special assembly with interactive Bible storytelling
      • Curriculum-linked classwork, including RE, Literacy and Art activities. As an experienced teacher, I am happy to work with classes throughout the school
      • An opportunity to buy signed copies of Beastly Bible Stories at a special discount price

Is your school brave enough for a Beastly Bible Stories School Event? Contact me here with any enquiries.