I am an experienced teacher, speaker and workshop leader who is passionate about creative prayer and praise. I am available to lead training days and workshops for your church, school, diocese or college. See the different options below. Each training event can be tailored to suit your particular requirements: for details and prices, please contact me via the form on this site.

taste and see poster‘Taste and See’ Day

This is a very popular taster day of interactive workshops, covering: Children’s spirituality, All-age worship, Creative prayer and Interactive Bible storytelling.

For more information and feedback from previous participants, see the Taste and See page.

rainbow paints copyTeaching and Learning Styles

Are you a visual learner? Or do you learn best by doing or discussing? We all learn in different ways, however old or young we are. This practical workshop explores ways of using the full spectrum of different teaching and learning styles in a Sunday School or all-age worship context. Benefit all ages by moving beyond the sermon and the ‘children’s talk’!

Burning-CandleChildren’s spirituality

How is children’s spirituality different? This inspiring workshop explores the distinctive characteristics of children’s spirituality. Understanding the ways in which children explore and express their relationship with God should be the foundation of all our work with children in church.

All-age worship

‘What’s the point of church?’ This child’s question is at the heart of my work on all-age worship. I offer hands-on workshops, drawing on my experience as a worship leader and as the author of the popular All-sorts Worship and One for All series. Inspire and equip your church to offer imaginative worship which creates a sense of belonging.

Creative prayer

Engage your whole congregation in creative and sensory ways of praying with tactile objects, movement, stillness, sound and silence. Discover how to create an all-age prayer space in your church.

Interactive Bible storytelling

Bring the Bible to life with interactive storytelling which can be visual, dramatic and even edible! These workshops encourage you to develop your own storytelling skills by using your existing talents: whether it is Godly Play or improvisation, puppet-making or baking, it can help you tell a memorable tale.

BBS event for websiteBeastly Bible Stories school event

Is your school brave enough for Beastly Bible Stories? I can visit your school for a day to lead a Beastly Bible Stories event which will boost RE teaching and inspire children’s own creative writing. I can offer a special assembly with interactive Bible storytelling and lead curriculum-linked classwork throughout the school. For more information, see the Beastly Bible Stories website.

INSET for schools

What is children’s spirituality? How do we nurture it? All schools need to address these key questions, but many are unsure how to go about it. I provide INSET days for teachers and training for headteachers and governors, exploring whole-school approaches to spirituality as well as practical, creative ideas for use in the classroom. What about a special place for spirituality? I can help your school create its own spiritual space for prayer and reflection. I spend a day in school working with children, teachers, the headteacher and governors to explore their ideas and requirements. Following this consultancy, I provide a report on the project and a choice of designs with full costings.